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stem cell research embryonic stem cell research cell cons pro research stem stem cell research ethics

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Old September 2nd 04, 10:11 AM
external usenet poster
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Default stem cell research embryonic stem cell research cell cons pro research stem stem cell research ethics

It is very distressing that some people who come to Haram ash-Sharif
for Umrah and Hajj and also go to Masjid-e-Nabavi keep their cell
phones on and whose ringing followed by the telephone conversation
disturbs other worshipers. It is equally painful to see people using
cell phones while doing Tawaf or Saii.


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Old April 8th 06, 06:17 PM posted to alt.cellular.verizon
external usenet poster
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Default stem cell research embryonic stem cell research cell cons pro research stem stem cell research ethic

1) I find a little comfort in knowing that rudeness is not simply an
American phenomenon. The term ugly American seems to lose a little of
its sting knowing this.
2) Cell phone misusage falls under sense of exaggerated entitlement
(see my signature) and is irksome to many in a wide range of
situations. Confiscating the phone seems a bit extreme...perhaps a
mandatory temporary storage at the expense of the offender. Spending
time and money on retrieval might serve as an effective reminder to
turn it off next time.
3) What the heck does the title of this thread have to do with cell
phones, and what purpose does the other, extraneous junk in your post
4) Learn to be a good guest. Hospitality has its boundaries.

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