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Multi-SIM cards in one phone solution (Super SIM 16 in 1)

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Old November 1st 04, 05:35 PM
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Default Multi-SIM cards in one phone solution (Super SIM 16 in 1)

We accecpt credit cards and worldwide shipping at flat rate $3.4USD per order only!

New items added:
-Super SIM 16 in 1 ($53USD)
-Universal Twin SIM card ($13USD)
-Original SE K700i Housing ($25USD)
-Original Samsung E700 Housing ($45USD)
-Original Alcatel OT512 Housing ($28USD)
-Original Samsung A300 Housing ($17USD)
-Sharp GX-30 USB Cable ($15USD)
-Siemens SX-1 USB Cable ($15USD)
-Nokia 6230 Cover ($8.9USD)
-Nokia 7200 COver ($7.9USD)
-Nokia 3120 Cover ($6.9USD)
-Nokia 7610 Cover ($9.9USD)
-Samsung E700 Housing ($19USD)
-USB2.0 card Reader ($22USD)
-Universal AC Traveling Charger ($8.5USD)
-Sporty Carrying Case ($4.5USD)
-Phonebook Saver ($13USD)
-Volume Button ($3.9 - $4.9USD)
-Samsung E700,S500,X600 Cable ($17USD)
-Backup Battery ($5-6USD)
-Signal Booster Sticker ($2.9USD)
-Original SE T630 Housing ($38USD)
-Original Nokia 8810 Housing ($53USD)
-Original SE T200 Housing ($16USD)
-Original Panasonic GD88 Housing ($33USD)
-Original Motorola C200 Housing ($12.5USD)
-Original Motorola V290 Housing ($26USD)
-DKU-2 Cable ($15USD)
-Motorola E365 USB Cable ($20USD)
-Nokia 6600 M/Fbus Cable ($14USD)
- Siemens SL55 Housing ($13USD)
-Nokia N-Gage Cover ($11USD)
-Nokia 3300 Cover ($9USD)
-Nokia 6108 Housing ($15USD)
-Nokia 6600 Housing ($7.5USD)
-SE T610 Housing ($12USD)
-Nokia 3100 Cover ($6.9USD)
-Nokia 2300 Cover ($6.9USD)
-Samsung X100/X108 Housing ($8.9USD)
-SE T100 Housing ($7.9USD)
-Panasonic G50 Housing ($9USD)
-Sagem My-X6 Housing ($9USD)
-E380 Lens Cover ($3.5USD)
-Plastic Case ($1.3USD)
-Motorola T191 Cable ($13USD)
-Original Samsung S200/S300 Cable ($13USD)
-Emergency Charger Kit ($9USD)
-SE Terminator Dongle with DIV8.4 ($39USD)
-Original 8850 Black Housing ($85USD)
-Original 8855 Housing ($85USD)
-Original 8910 Housing ($89USD)
-Original Motorola V70 Housing ($50USD)
-Original Siemens SL55 Housing ($49USD)
-Original Motorola T720i Housing ($22USD)
-Orignal SonyEricsson T610 Housing ($16-25USD)
-Original Motorola V60i Cover ($25USD)
-Nokia DKU-5 Cable ($19USD)
-SonyEricsson Z600 Cover ($6USD)
-Siemens C/S/SL55 Cable ($11USD)
-Nokai DLR-3P Cable ($15USD)
-Motorola C3xx Cable ($11USD)
-Motorola C350 Cover ($11USD)
-Siemens A55 Cover ($11USD)
-Nokia 6100 Base ($10USD)
-Motorola V998C Housing ($22USD)
-Panasonic GD55 Cover ($12USD)
-Nokia 8210 Volume Button ($10USD)
-SonyEricsson T310 Cover ($13USD)
-Voice Charger Hands Free ($10USD)
-7250 Covers ($11USD)
-8310 to 7250 Style Covers ($12USD)
-6610/7210 to 7250 Covers ($12.5USD)
-6100 to 7250 Style Covers ($12.5USD)
-DTC4 Flash Box ($60USD)
-Motorola USB Cable ($11USD)
-6100 Cover ($9.9USD)
-6610 Cover ($9.9USD)
-SonyEricsson T200 Cover ($13USD)
-Ericsson R600 Cover ($14USD)
-Panasonic GD75 Cover ($13USD)
-Nokia 33xx base ($12USD)
-8910 Conversion Kit ($17USD)
-Speaker phone battery Cover ($10USD)
-SonyEricsson T600 Cover ($16USD)
-2100 Cover ($6.9USD)
-Motorola C331 Cover ($11USD)
-Motorola C300 Cover ($12USD)
-7210/6610 M/Fbus Cable ($13USD)
-Ericsson T39/T68/T68i cable ($11USD)
-Ericsson T68i Covers ($15USD)
-7210 Cover ($9.9USD)
-83XX to V70 Cover ($4.9USD)
-33XX to V70 Cover ($4.9USD)
-3610 Covers ($4.9USD)
-Alcatel OT311 Covers ($2.9USD)
-Philips Fisio620 Cover ($2.9USD)
-Siemens ME45/3618 Covers ($2.9USD)
-8850 Aluminium Housing ($28USD)
-Samsung A288/A300 Housing ($11USD)
-Flashing Sticker for 82XX ($6.9USD)
-Original Samsung T100 cable ($13USD)
-82xx to 6610 Cover ($4.9USD)
-3315 Cover ($4.9USD)
-82xx to 3610 Cover ($4.9USD)
-6360 Cover ($9USD)
-Motorola T190 Cover ($2.9USD)
-5210 to V70 Cover ($2.9USD)
-83xx to N620 Cover ($4.9USD)
-Nokia 83xx base ($9USD)
-Motorola V60 Housing ($20USD)
-Philip 9a9 Cover ($2.9USD)
-3D Screen Protector ($2.5USD)
-Nokia 6310 Cover ($10USD)
-Ericsson T66 Cover ($11USD)
-33xx to 7210 Style Cover ($11USD)
-8210/8290 to V70 Cover ($4.9USD)
-8260 Data Cable ($13USD)
-Nokia 5210 Covers ($7.9USD)
-83xx to 7210 Style Cover ($4.9USD)
-82xx Battery Cover ($5USD)
-82XX to 8850 Aluminium GOLD Kit ($30USD)
-Emergency Charger w Money Check ($9.9USD)
-Nokia 6510 Covers ((11USD)
-82XX to 7210 Covers ($11USD)
-Samsung A400 Covers ($9.9USD)
-Samsung N620 Covers ($9.9USD)
-Flashing Ring ($4USD)
-82XX to 6510 Covers ($11USD)
-Ericsson T68 Covers ($12USD)
-Nokia 6500 Covers ($9.9USD)
-33XX to 5210 Covers ($11USD)
-T28,29 Microphone ($7USD)
-Ericsson Chatboard ($22USD)
-8210/8290 to T68 Cover ($2.9USD)
-VERTU Style Cover ($11USD)
-8210/8250/8290 Flash Base ($15USD)
-Cell Phone Speaker ($$2.9USD)
-Cell Phone Ringer ($2.9USD)
-Nokia 8850 Gold housing ($28USD)
-Nokia 8310 M/Fbus Cable ($19USD)
-Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine ($80USD)
-Nokia 8310 Flash Keypad ($11USD)
-Ericsson T65 Cover ($9.9USD)
-Ericsson T39 Cover ($13USD)
-Nokia original 8850 housing ($99USD)
-Nokia 8310 covers ($2.9-$9.9USD)
-Nokia 8210/8290 to 8250 faces ($11USD)
-Mobile Phone opening Tools ($6-$9USD)
-Nokia 8210/8250 to 8310 faces ($4.9USD)
-Nokia 3310 Flash Keypad ($9.9USD)
-Nokia 3310 Antenna ($7-$10USD)
-Flashing Handstrip ($2.5USD)
-Nokia 8250 Cover ($11USD)
-Compact T28 Antenna ($6USD)
-8850 original LCD ($18USD)
-USB Mobile Phone Charger ($6.9USD)
-Mobile Phone LED ($2.9-$5.9USD)
-Mobile Phone Screw ($2.5USD)
-Sony Z5/Z18 Data Cable ($9.9USD)
-Nokia 6210 Covers ($7-20USD)
-Nokia 3310 Cable ($9.9USD)
-Nokia 3310 Covers ($3.9USD)
-Ericsson T10,T28 Cable ($9.9USD)
-Mobile Phone LCD ($35-50USD)
-Opening Tools ($7.7-9USD)
-Twin SIM Back Covers ($11-$13USD)
-Twin SIM Batteries ($13USD)
-Car Rapid Chargers ($2.9USD)
-Leather Cases for various models ($6-$8USD)
-8210,8850 M/Fbus Cable ($9.9USD)
-Nokia 6110,6190 face plates ($2.9USD)
-Vibration Motor ($4USD)
-Desktop Charging Stands ($10USD)
-Nokia 6130,6150 face plates ($2.9USD)
-Siemens Data Cable ($9.9USD)
-3210 Cable (Fbus/Mbus) MKII ($9.9USD)

And more...............


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