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On Thu, 11 Feb 2016 08:50:56 -0500, Owen McKenzie

On 2/11/2016 4:32 AM, Andy wrote:
until recently you COULD not get service with out buying a phone from
Verizon in Maine where iam from.
I got mine in 2007 and was told flat out we don't allow other company's
phones on our network or allow you to bring youre own to our service.
only when the FCC told them they have to allow it did they allow you to
bring youre own phone to Verizon.
and only then did they give you the unlock code so you could take youre old
Verizon phone and leave if you chose to.
now you can bring youre own phone.
but they still only give you the best deals IF you get a phone from them
WITH A CONTACT of 2 years of service.
ya aren't going win this one Elmo .
the company does what it wants that's why its the biggest cell provider in
the nation.
sad to say but true.

Are you assuming he will be able to read it? It's a little complicated
for the simple-minded.