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Default Compare Google Pixel & Pixel XL to the iPhone 7 by specifications only

Next I'll compare the Pixel to the iPhone 7 by specs.

Here is the Google Pixel spec:

Here is the corresponding iPhone 7 spec:

Comparing the two phones by spec only in the order provided...

1. Network technology is the same.
2. SIM cards are the same
3. Pixel screen size (5.0") is slightly larger than the iPhone 7 (4.7")
4. Pixel has much greater resolution & pixel density than the iPhone 7
5. Both have quad-core CPUs where the Pixel is faster with twice the RAM
6. Cameras are discussed on another thread (let's call it even for now)
7. Neither has an expansion card slot (which is a bummer for both)
8. The Pixel has a real 3.5mm jack while the iPhone 7 lost that feature
9. WiFi on the Pixel is slightly better (with Wi-Fi Direct & DLNA)
10. Bluetooth specs are the same essentially
11. GPS specs are the same essentially
12. NFC seems slightly better on the Pixel than on the iPhone 7
13. USB connector is 3.0 on the Pixel (versus 2.0 on the iPhone 7)
14. Sensors are the same (FP, Accel, Gyro, Prox, Compass, Baro)
15. Talk time is almost double for the Pixel over the iPhone 7
16. Music play time on the Pixel XL is almost 3 times that of the iPhone 7

Overall, on the listed performance features, it seems the Pixel is
arguably better than the iPhone 7 by a wide margin in some specs, and
by a slim margin in others, and they're essentially equal in a bunch of

Looking up the price for a 32GB version of each:
Pixel = $650
iPhone 7 = $650