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Default After aquiring Direct TV, AT&T is now upsell hell

"Camellia Sinensis" wrote in message
Stopped by the AT&T store to get a new I-phone 6s and had the most
unpleasant experience ever, due to constant upsell tactics. I have been
AT&T customer for years so imagine my surprise when the clerk started with
the strong arm to get me to buy stuff I didn't want. It started with
to get me to buy a more expensive 64GB phone, then moved on to a "special
deal" if you buy a screen protector along with the phone case. Then there
was a $.99 tablet that would ONLY cost me $10 a month to use on my plan.
Next came the Direct TV song and dance. (I have no intention of ever
Direct TV because I have heard so much negative things from friends who
it.) Then, as he was reading through the highlights of changes to my phone
plan he quickly brushed by the "equipment coverage" that would add another
$10 a month to my bill. Wait a minute, I don't want that--he said it was
already programed into their system and if I didn't want that I would have
to go online and remove that myself. WTF??? My transaction was not
complete, we were still in the wrapping things up phase. Still didn't
matter, he told me that they automatically added that in now. When I
home I logged onto my AT&T account and could not find the insurance thing
anywhere. I ended up calling AT&T to get it removed. It took 15 minutes
the phone waiting for that operator to find the charges and remove them.
asked her why they were automatically adding that in now. She said that I
could have refused it at the store. She seemed surprised when I told her
was denied that option.

Up until now I have always gone to the regular AT&T store because I
I would get the most accurate handling of my account, etc. Never again.
Usually one can get in and out of the store quite quickly and pleasantly.
Now there is a good 15 minutes added by the sales pitches and the refusals
and the "it really is a good deal" merry-go-round. Next time I am ready
an upgrade I will go to Best Buy or some other non AT&T store and
avoid these rude upsell tactics.

Won't help as it seems the upgrade option is now ONLY available via the