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Default Confirmed: You don't need a data plan for Android voice-to-text texting!

In the last episode of , Todd Allcock

I think it was Jelly Bean- all of my prior Android phones (2.2, 2.3, 4.0)
required data to use voice to text for SMS- only after being corrected in
this thread (earlier I was one of those who confirmed incorrectly data
was required) did I try it on my LG L9 (4.1) and noticed that there was a
setting to download "offline speech recognition" (which on my LG was also
already downloaded- I suspect this is pre-loaded by OEM or carrier- I
certainly didn't do it in the few days I owned the phone at that point.)

I had another independent party tell me he "thinks it's Jelly Bean" that
added offline support, so lets go with that.

I've been playing with Google Chrome's voice recognition on iOS, wow
does it blow Apple's out of the water. It's not even close, it's faster,
gives more results in real time, far more accurate, and it understands
context (I haven't gotten a there/their-type error out of Google yet,
whereas this happens frequently with Siri)

The nice thing about standards, there is enough for everyone to have their own.