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Default what to do with all this page plus credit?

On Mon, 25 Jan 2016 03:06:37 -0000 (UTC), Justin wrote:

anything useful to put the could hundred dollars of page plus credit I have towards?

Every once in a while I'm in a T-Mobile dead zone, but need to make a call
or check a mapquest entry, and the PP credit comes in handy. Likewise when
I'm in a Canadian roaming area, where PP is allowed -- even if my T-Mobile
handset is active, its rates would be far more prohibitive (on my tariff).

filling the phone with $10 every few months adds up after a while and I never use it

Think of it, as Elmo P.S. might put it, as the price of admission :-) . HTH

Cheers, -- tlvp
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