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Default update, was: transferring a phone from Sprint to the iwireless MVNO

In SMS writes:

On 4/28/2013 5:41 PM, danny burstein wrote:
Sprint just raised our postpay monthly rate and is
refusing to back down. So.. not only do they bump
up the cost each month, but since we no longer
(supposedly no longer) need to pay back any "subsidy"
for the phone, that's a double hit.

There's an MVNO called "iwireless" that offers a $25/month
pre-pay option which would work for us. They use the
Sprint network, so I'm hoping...

Well, the CSRs just got back to me:

Thank you for contacting i-Wireless.

The only phones that actively work on our network are
phone that are pre-loaded into the i-Wireless inventory.?
So, unfortunately at this time, the phone you mentioned
would not work with our services.


Thanks for the pointer to "ting". We'll probably
switch after our road trip...

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