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Default Do you disable carrier diagnostic software on your cell phone?

On 2016-09-21 06:06:14 +0000, Horace Algier said:

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In addition to disabling carrier data collection, I went through all the
default apps to turn off any permissions I didn't like.

In doing so, I noticed that the carrier diagnostics-collection application
*inherently* still showed it had innate permission to the phone's location.

By flipping the "location" switch from "on" to "off", I think I ensured
that the carrier wasn't checking in on my location from time to time via
its "system manager application":

*My question for Android users:*
Q: Do you turn off the carrier diagnostic data-collection software?

*My question for iOS users:*
Q: Do the carriers do the same data collection on iOS phones?

Wih my iPhones on Verizon it is simple enought to go to
"Settings-"Privacy"(scroll to the bottom)-"Diagnostics & Usage" there
you find that it is Apple, not Verizon requesting the data. You have
the options to "Send Automatically" or "Don't Send". You are free to
choose whichever you want.

At the bottom of that settings window you will find the current status
and a tap selection to view the currently accumulated "Diagnostics &
Usage Data".