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Default Do you disable carrier diagnostic software on your cell phone?

On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 03:25:32 -0400, tlvp wrote:

On my VZW-branded Moto Droid X2 there's no option to turn that on or off.

Thank you for both *understanding* the question, and answering it like an
adult should.

I am only familiar with T-Mobile diagnostic services.
You are on Verizon.

I wasn't sure from your response whether you were saying that Verizon
doesn't bother to *collect* the diagnostic data - or - if you were saying
that Verizon *does* collect the data - and that you were not able to turn
that collection off.

In short, can you clarify if you were saying that Verizon doesn't have the
data-collection software? Or if you were saying Verizon does have the
data-collection software - but you can't turn off the data collection like
you can with T-mobile?