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Default Do you disable carrier diagnostic software on your cell phone?

Horace Algier wrote

Do you turn off your carrier diagnostics collection on your cell phone?

Nope, I'm not that stupid.

I don't have an iOS phone, but, monthly, I reset
my T-Mobile Android phone to factory defaults.

More fool you.

Invariably, the question comes up by T-Mobile diagnostic software
of whether I want the cellular carrier to collect diagnostics, or not:

When I press for "more information", I'm taken to this web page:

Which explains:
"What types of information does T-Mobile collect?
Device signal strength
System crashes
Dropped calls records
Battery performance
Application usage"

That web page suggests I download this T-Mobile app:

Which I never do because I already have the T-Mobile
"System Manager Application", which says:
"This software collects diagnostic data..."

To disable data collection, go to:
Settings Accounts BAckup and reset Collect Diagnostics
Turn off the checkbox "Allow Diagnostics"

*My question for Android users:*
Q: Do you turn off the carrier diagnostic data-collection software?

I'm not that stupid.

My question for iOS users:
Q: Do the carriers do the same data collection on iOS phones?