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Default Verizon Partner Exposes Data of Millions of Customers Who CalledCustomer Service

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"Anonymous Remailer (austria)"

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Verizon slows our connections down even before we get to
the monthly limit.

That seems to be par for the course in telephony these days.
Not Verizon but Frontier; and not cell service but DSL internet;
yet the symptom is the same -- nominal 3 Mbps service that
crawls along at 300 kbps, if that ... when it connects at all. :-{ !

Sprint doesn't seem to be doing that. Using a tether I have 25-
30 Mbps down consistently until I move around a lot. Then it's
hit or miss but usually never below 2.5-3 Mbps down.

How the **** do you get 30 Mbps on a "tether" you lying sack of

4G and phone Wi-Fi hot-spot you dumb Clinton following sack of

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