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Richard Colton
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"Lenmeister" wrote in message
"Steve Dulieu" wrote in message
it's a tactic usually employed by the Nazis at Orange (a joke before I

flamed, arrested or abducted by a load of men in corporate

T-shirts and locked up in a small room with no charge!).
They also muck about with the software.

Subsitute the word "Vodafone" for "Orange" and the above statment is
correct. Orange have never GID1 locked their handsets, Vodafone do on

and have you seen a Vodafone T610?
Cheers, Steve.
If The Good Lord had meant for us to be fiscally prudent, He would not

given us the platinum credit card...
Change colour to PC Plod's lights to reply.

Never had a Pay as You go phone, but always had Voda contract. Didn't
realise Voda locked their PAYG handsets.
But know that Orange lock their Contract handsets.
Guess we're both right.....
Why do they do it, other than to lock to one supplier - is there any
technical or Unique Selling Point reason?

BTW, you seem to be able to buy Contract T610s on Voda from
Carphonewarehouse - I assume you're referring to PAYG

Nope, the Vodafone Live! handsets are locked and branded to hell and back
whether on contract or PAYG.

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