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Default Price war starts! How to choose cost-effective tab

By price points, if the world can be divided into the *'Agso Tablet'
(* market "high-end luxury pie,
parity strength and low fortress is sent" three camps. The three major
faction of the products is also have distinguishing feature each and
"say", in the face of the temptation of price war, consumers in a good
grasp of the time to buy at the same time, more of product application
and experience should be put forward his requirements, this how to
choose a cost-effective tablet computer.
look at application experience
Consumer groups from the main plate white-collar, small property group,
fashionable tide and students gens. For these people, flat is promising,
all because of the most widely all meet the application requirements,
weave collar, just QQ, *'Aigo Android Tablet'
(* see optimal cool network
application; To clean out treasure, book ticket, check comment on
service application; E-books, E-mail, office of the document
application; mobile office And video download, the game of entertainment
applications, these PK is flat the demand of consumer is in.
Application of the experience of the perfect powerful hardware support,
based on more from good system platform. Low price *'Cube Tablet'
(* because can't bring fortress sent
the high quality hardware, so in the application experience not pretty.
Parity strength as long as at this point to do well, can this is a
market. Like small make up of evaluating the philips C7 *'Newsmy Tablet'
(* computer, when the strength of
parity good one. First philips brand to take strong hardware support, 7
inch touch screen more capacitance screen clearly, contacts, smooth
operation, product keen compact size, do manual work is solid,
neededmaterials excellent, elegant white appearance is "favor". In
addition, C7 carrying the latest Android 2.3 operating system and
built-in "HiMarket" application store, high-speed Internet access and
WLAN support 3 G network card, allow you to download external N free
application, very not pleasing! Rich application value and smooth
application experience, *'Teclast Tablet'
(* parity strength reveal take in
everything in a glance.