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Default What is the benefit of adding a memory card to a cell phone?

On Sun, 09 Jun 2013 15:26:17 -0400, nospam

In article , micky

Someone gave me a broken Epson nnnnn 545 all-in-one printer, that was
compact and did everything (when it worked --- I couldn't fix it.) but
had very low ratings. Their next model

Workforce 645

i have a workforce 635 (there was no 645 at the time). it's a fantastic
printer. double-sided printing and scanning is *very* useful.

Plus I love the wi-fi. I've run out of space anywhere near either of
my computers, but I can just put this anywhere in the house. (For some
functions this is not so good, but for most it's fine.)

I don't print much. I used double sided printing once, partly just to
see if it would work. It happened in another room, so I couldn't
appreciate it. OTOH, I guess even if I had been there, I wouldn't
have seen anything.

But it worked.