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Default GSM localization - triangulation

gm wrote:

+COPS: (2,"TELE2","","21902"),(1,"T-Mobile HR","T-Mobile","21901"),(3,"HR VIP","VIP","21910"),,(0,1,4),(0,1,2)

Looking more closely at that result, I see that it's got the MCC/MNC
info there as well as the name.

But looking at the first argument within the three sets of brackets
which show a detected network, they show stat information.

stat values a

1 - available
2 - current
3 - forbidden

So you're camped on MCC 219 and MNC 02 as I suspected from the "TELE2"
before I noticed them there.

+CREG: 2,1,"006F","1C90"

And the second argument ("1") in that result shows that you're on the
SIM's home network. If that was a "5", the device would be roaming

The SIM is also permitted to roam onto network ID 21901, but not onto