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Default GSM localization - triangulation

gm wrote:

I forget to write in the original topic that i have tried this commands too:


The answer was:
+COPS: (2,"TELE2","","21902"),(1,"T-Mobile
HR","T-Mobile","21901"),(3,"HR VIP","VIP","21910"),,(0,1,4),(0,1,2)

Now, if you'd done "AT+COPS=3,2" first, you'd get MCC and MNC
data instead of the operator names.

+CSQ: 14,0

That's an RSSI value of -85 dBm ((14 * 2) - 113).

+CREG: 2,1,"006F","1C90"

If you're in Croatia, and your MCC is 219 and your MNC is 02, then you
can get an approximate location of this cell by going to and entering the four field values
"219", "02", "6F" and "1C90". Tick the little box marked "16" to the
right, as your LAC and cell ID values are in hexadecimal. Enter the
displayed VeriCode to prove you're human, and you'll get a map.

The location is cca 10 km away from my original location...
What do you think about this ?

-85 dBm is perfectly adequate signal.