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Default PagePlus observations

On 2/27/16 7:15 AM, tlvp wrote:
I keep a handset activated on Verizon's network through PagePlus Cellular.
I "recharge" it, every 120 days, with PINs bought through Calling Mart.
Today was day #120 on my last full cycle, so just after midnight, at 00:22
this morning, I logged in to my Page Plus account page to offer my PIN,
only to be floored at seeing my account showing a $0.00 balance -- wiped
out, after having had a balance of over $50 a few days earlier.

Logging out without trying to do anything further, I phoned the Page Plus
#737 ("REP") line, where the IVR reported I had a balance in excess of $55
(whew :-) !) and offered to accept a PIN in renewal of the account. So I
put in a suitable $10 PIN, as usual, ... and hit a snag: "PIN not accepted,
please wait for a customer service representative" ... followed soon after
by: "We're sorry, our office is now closed. Please call back between 8 am
and 12 midnight."

OK, off to bed.

Well before 7 am, I got on the web again, returned to my Page Plus account,
saw a balance matching what the Page Plus REP line had quoted me, submitted
the PIN that had failed over the IVR earlier, and succeeded in my renewal.

Moral: any old wives' tales you may have heard about Page Plus's data
systems acting flaky in the wee hours of the morning -- midnight thru 6 am,
say -- remain valid, even now that Page Plus is a TracFone property. That
flakiness aside, however, I still find Page Plus a remarkably pleasant CSP.

Cheers, -- tlvp

I've been a PP light-use PAYGO customer for many years. My impression is
that overall things started to get increasingly lumpy as rumors- and
then news- of the impending sale of the company to Carlos rippled
through the organization. Things were really shaggy during the year or
so the US government blocked the sale and had everything tied up in
knots. Thanks for that, Washington...

After the sale finally closed, things stayed poor, maybe even got a
little worse for a while, but as time has gone by, TracFone has gotten
things pretty much smoothed out. The couple of interactions I've had
with customer service folks by phone and chat have generally been
positive. Online account info and management remains somewhat hit or miss.

I wonder though about PP's long term viability and what Carlos's
strategy is for the numerous MVNOs he owns.

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