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Default PagePlus observations

I keep a handset activated on Verizon's network through PagePlus Cellular.
I "recharge" it, every 120 days, with PINs bought through Calling Mart.
Today was day #120 on my last full cycle, so just after midnight, at 00:22
this morning, I logged in to my Page Plus account page to offer my PIN,
only to be floored at seeing my account showing a $0.00 balance -- wiped
out, after having had a balance of over $50 a few days earlier.

Logging out without trying to do anything further, I phoned the Page Plus
#737 ("REP") line, where the IVR reported I had a balance in excess of $55
(whew :-) !) and offered to accept a PIN in renewal of the account. So I
put in a suitable $10 PIN, as usual, ... and hit a snag: "PIN not accepted,
please wait for a customer service representative" ... followed soon after
by: "We're sorry, our office is now closed. Please call back between 8 am
and 12 midnight."

OK, off to bed.

Well before 7 am, I got on the web again, returned to my Page Plus account,
saw a balance matching what the Page Plus REP line had quoted me, submitted
the PIN that had failed over the IVR earlier, and succeeded in my renewal.

Moral: any old wives' tales you may have heard about Page Plus's data
systems acting flaky in the wee hours of the morning -- midnight thru 6 am,
say -- remain valid, even now that Page Plus is a TracFone property. That
flakiness aside, however, I still find Page Plus a remarkably pleasant CSP.

Cheers, -- tlvp

Avant de repondre, jeter la poubelle, SVP.