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Originally Posted by milkmonitor View Post
Hi group! having a bit of fun trying to work out how to unlock a 3510i
(Virgin network) using the above app. I've checked through the instructions
on and read through the "DCT4FREE Guide.txt"
that comes with the app.
My confusion lies in the "Operator" part of the app. where I get the
impression that I should be entering an eight digit code (23400001 for UK
Virgin) but can only pick from a list. Should I be picking "T-Mobile / One
2 One / Virgin [23430]" ? I've actually tried this once but the phone comes
up with "wrong code". Any takers??? TIA.



When replying remove PANTS.
I feel unlocking via codes is the best & safest way to unlock your mobile safely.
Becoz sometimes unlocking via software will end up in crash .Am asking this because one of my friend got it unlocked using the software, but it was not a permanent unlock .Once he updated the phone the phone has roll backed to lock status .And after that he contacted the service provider but there is no use of it .So he searched in the net for paid and reliable solution to unlock the phone and found the site As they are providing the unlock code at low cost and more over over they are providing the permanent unlock solution for the phone and he got the unlock code and unlocked it .And after unlocking the phone he once again updated and the phone is now working great .
To unlock your mobile without vain follow the instructions here They are nearly perfect with google checkout and they were recommended highly in the cell phone forums. I followed the instructions there , and i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.

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