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Default Do you turn off "location access" in all the apps that don't need it?

On Fri, 23 Sep 2016 18:03:05 -0700, Jeff Liebermann wrote:

There are also apps for managing permissions:

That list brings up something that always confused me about App Ops Starter
( reports on "course location,
fine location" as can be seen in "Email" and "Firefox" on the screenshot

When I look at Firefox', it has a *switch* to turn off access location:

But, when I look at Email, it does *not* have that switch:

Can someone explain:
a. Why do both Email & Firefox say "fine location, course location" but
only Firefox can be turned off with App Ops Starter?

b. What is the *difference* between "fine location" and "course location"
anyway (with respect to location-access permissions)?