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Patrick Kavanagh
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Unlikely that they will shut down the ATT network, except where the protocol
(e.g. GSM vs CDMA) AND the geographic coverage are identical.

It'll be alot easier to simply absorb the old ATT infrastructure, and simply
adjust their 'back-end' equipment to accomodate both frequency ranges.

"JerryC" wrote in message
Right, but you're still on AT&T's network behind the scenes, even though
it says Cingular in your display, from what they tell me. When they
decide to shut down the AT&T side (which they will since it costs to
have dual networks), you're in my shoes, from what they say. This could
happen soon, within a year.

In article,
In article,
I have three phones on a shared family plan with AT&T. I have to
one of them. AT&T gave me a really short, crappy list of phone to pick
from. The handwriting is on the wall for AT&T I guess. I'd rather
all three to Cingular, but I'm told by both companies that the phones
are all locked to AT&T and won't work on Cingular. One I am replacing
anyway and the another is real low end, but the third is a Nokia 6820
which is pretty high-end. So I'm screwed I guess.

Can I unlock this 6820 so that it will work on Cingular? I saw that
online calculator someone mentioned but it doesn't have the 6820 on it.
After I unlock it, what do I do next? Is it out of service until I then
switch it over to Cingular? Do they just give me a new simm card or

Thanks for any help, have to do this in a hurry, like today/tomorrow
since the replacement for the one phone is supposed to be a birthday

My 6820 purchased through ATT is working fine on Cingular since the