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In article,
I have three phones on a shared family plan with AT&T. I have to replace
one of them. AT&T gave me a really short, crappy list of phone to pick
from. The handwriting is on the wall for AT&T I guess. I'd rather switch
all three to Cingular, but I'm told by both companies that the phones
are all locked to AT&T and won't work on Cingular. One I am replacing
anyway and the another is real low end, but the third is a Nokia 6820
which is pretty high-end. So I'm screwed I guess.

Can I unlock this 6820 so that it will work on Cingular? I saw that
online calculator someone mentioned but it doesn't have the 6820 on it.
After I unlock it, what do I do next? Is it out of service until I then
switch it over to Cingular? Do they just give me a new simm card or

Thanks for any help, have to do this in a hurry, like today/tomorrow
since the replacement for the one phone is supposed to be a birthday

My 6820 purchased through ATT is working fine on Cingular since the