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The way you wrote you message I'm guessing your already aware of this
but, if you get a phone off of ebay or some other source make sure it
has 850 and 1900 in it. There are many US GSM phones that are only 1900.
As for as unlocking a phone try You can
download several programs that will generate an unlock code for just
about any phone. Its free and I've unlocked several phones this way. No
extra equipment is required, just enter the unlock code using the key
pad on the phone and your unlocked

Spammay Blockay wrote:
I was thinking of buying a new phone, but not necessarily any
one that Cingular sells.

If I do that, and it uses the same spectrum Cingular's network
uses in my area, is there any problem just taking the SIMM from
my current phone and transferring it?

Or, if I get a phone they DO sell, but buy it unlocked from
someone else, will that work just as one I bought from Cingular?

- Tim