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Default why I don't get sub menu and main menu of list SIM services ?

On 4 Jul 2015 20:43:27 GMT, John Henderson wrote:

tlvp wrote:

he's referring to the *logical* (or *virtual*) port in the phone's software

Thank you for helping clear that up. I was stuck trying to explain
myself, without managing to come up with the right words

YVW. Same word "port" is used in far too many incompatible contexts -- the
place a ship docks; the connector-socket on a computer that a cable
connects to; the connector socket on a peripheral that a cable connects to;
the name a computer OS gives to a virtual communications channel (PRNn:,
LPTn:, COMn:, FILE:, USBn:, etc.); the numbered "port" an internet protocol
expects to communicate "through" (e.g., :80, :563, :8080, etc.); and
whatever similar things external devices like phones and modems use to help
segregate communications to/from them by "channel".

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