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On 2017-07-11 22:21, nospam wrote:
In article , Carlos E.R.

not having a lan in a house makes *no* sense. simply having a broadband
router creates a lan, even if only one device connects to it.

since this person claims to have a phone and a desktop computer *and*
is on the internet (given that he trolls the newsgroups), he has a lan.

but perhaps there's a reason. that's why i want to know why.

Well, maybe he goes to a library to use Internet and doesn't have it at

libraries have lans for public use.

But his home is not in the library.

Or maybe his computer connects directly to an Internet modem and
there is no WiFi AP.

highly unlikely since broadband modems have wifi built in.

Not all.
Broadband routers do have WiFi almost always.
Modems, which connect to a single computer, do not.

There are cities where you get a (single) RJ11 socket to connect your
computer to the wall in the flat. But no WiFi.

Maybe he doesn't live at his home, so he can not
contract Internet.Maybe he connects via mobile and USB.

the other home probably has internet.

What other home?

Ask him. Maybe he will tell, maybe not. :-)

i did.

It does not matter to me.



Cheers, Carlos.