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Default Connecting Android to Windows 10 by adding bluetooth

On 2017-07-11 22:21, nospam wrote:
In article , Carlos E.R.

what takes a few seconds over wifi would take *minutes* over bluetooth.

Not always in reality.

yes always in reality, unless the user ****s it up somehow or uses
horribly obsolete (and grossly insecure) equipment.

I get 25 Mbit/s out of WiFi in a busy apartment building, so the speed
is the comparable.

only because you're using an obsolete 802.11g wifi router, and/or
something is *horribly* misconfigured.

I'm using whatever the ISP there supplies.

they gave you outdated junk and it's not secure either.

How do you know that it is not secure? Have you tested it?

buy something better.

others aren't stuck with those slow speeds.

Simply there are about 50 AP in view, so the BW goes down.

switch to 5 ghz, which is nowhere near as crowded, and if everyone else
continues to use obsolete 802.11g, you'll be the only one there.

Ah, nice! Surely you will fund me buying a new laptop? I would
appreciate that. And don't forget the other room mates: laptops, phones,
etc. We will all appreciate your generosity.

Cheers, Carlos.