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Default Connecting Android to Windows 10 by adding bluetooth

nospam wrote:
In article , Frank Slootweg

You're not seriously claiming that WiFi is "not well known", are you!?

point to point wifi is not well known. do try to keep up.

*I* have been talking Wifi Direct - i.e. point-to-point WiFi - from
the get go, because *you* were talking about WiFi Direct, that is until
you changed the goalposts to WiFi in general and now are changing them
back again.

i was *always* talking about wifi direct.

Then *why* the fsck are you arguing!?

You disputed my


In this context - mobile devices - 5 years is a long time, i.e. *not*
"recent", period.




the context is *wifi*.


I.e. saying the context was *not* limited to mobile devices.

BUT just now, you tried to score a point by saying that Windows did not
support Wi-Fi Direct 5-9 years back. (Which is wrong, as I mentioned in
my response to that claim of yours.)

*So in the context of this thread*, you *were* talking about (Wi-Fi
Direct) on mobile devices, because in this thread, there's only a mobile
device and a Windows PC.

So your counter "the context is *wifi*." is just a non-argument which
only caused the (non-)discussion to derail even further.

Glad we sorted that one out.

Bottom line: *Try* to keep your story straight.