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Jason Cothran
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"John S." wrote in message
| I am not barking up an empty tree.
| Perhaps not, but I think you're missing a piece of this puzzle that
| either your wife or her mother misunderstood or doesn't remember.
| If not empty, then the WRONG tree.
| Why is this thread still going on? People have their credit checked all
| time and no one thinks less of their credit rating.
| Get on with your life and take this someplace else.

Actually, credit inquiries do reduce your score. As a matter of fact, when I
was younger and first trying to get my credit established, I was denied a
few times for "too many inquiries". Upon requesting a copy of my report, I
found out there were 50-60 inquiries on my credit in a relatively short
period of time. Will one check hurt your credit? Of course not. But when a
habit is made of it, it will in the short term.