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John S. July 9th 03 02:26 PM

Nokia 6600
I assume that if I don't wait for ATT to make the 6600 available, and buy
one in Europe, it will work here with a simple sim switch. Am I right.

As long as it isn't locked. Although not as common in Europe, make sure that it
is inlocked before you buy it or have a source for unlocking when you do buy

John S.
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mahesw December 27th 13 05:44 AM

HI what you said was rite if you brought Nokia 6600 mobile from Europe then you can't use it with USA AT&T network until you unlock it ......You can easily unlock your phone with the help of sites like here they are generating network unlock code for your mobile model at free of cost .After unlocking your phone you can freely use it with any GSM sim in USA....

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