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x3lis December 9th 04 11:01 PM

help siemens c65
Someone has unlocked his Siemens C65 model ?
I tried to use a kit to unlock it, but i 've some troubles when using
Mapmaker. I wrote the IMEI code & ID asked by the program, but when
pushing the Make MAP' button, no *.map file has created ! What's wrong ?

[email protected] December 26th 04 06:51 PM

x3lis wrote:
Someone has unlocked his Siemens C65 model ?

Is the C65 the same as the CF65? I saw CF65 in the list of supprted
phones in Freia. I unlocked a S55 with it. You can find it he
Can't promise though, that it will work with your phone.

mahesw December 7th 14 01:33 PM

Hi if you want to unlock your siemens C65 mobile from network provider then code is the best solution to unlock it ..You can purchase code from online providers like for reliable cost ..You first check that whether the code is available for your country and network provider .If yes then pay for it and unlock the phone then freely use it with any GSM sim ...

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